We invited all of the candidates for the upcoming New Mexico elections in to fill out a questionnaire concerning money in politics. Here are their responses.

QUESTIONSHD64 David LansfordHD51 Sharonlee CumminsHD08 Paul Kinzelman
Do you support the Supreme Court's 2010 decision commonly known as "Citizens United" eliminating limits on campaign contributions?NoNoNo
Do you believe that corporations should enjoy all the rights and privileges that humans enjoy as the Supreme Court has determined?NoNoNo
Do you support a Constitutional Amendment to overrule the Supreme Court so that legislation can be passed to limit the activities and donations of corporations and lobbyists attempting to influence elections?YesYESYES
Do you believe that campaign contributions are protected as free speech under the First Amendment as the Supreme Court has determined?YESNoNo
Do you support a Constitutional Amendment to overrule the Supreme Court so that contributions to campaigns can be regulated by legislation?NoYESYES
Do you support public campaign financing for all federal, state and local elections?NoYESYES
Do you support legislation requiring media to provide free airtime in the public interest to vetted candidates, with the goal of reducing the amount of money required to run a campaign?NoYESYES
Do you support lobbying reforms at the federal, state and local levels so that all of us are fairly represented, and the “revolving door” between government and wealthy organizations or individuals is eliminated?YESYESYES
Do you support the elimination of the rigging (gerrymandering) of congressional and state representative districts so that every citizen is fairly and equally represented in Congress and our state legislatures?YESYESYES
Do you support protecting the integrity of the election process and the right and ability of every citizen to vote (including felons who have been released) in order to ensure that every citizen's vote counts equally? This includes increasing availability to voting by vote-by-mail, increasing the number and hours of polling places, and instant voter registration.NoYESYES
Do you support Open Primaries initiatives so that all voters can participate in primary elections? See and the book "The Politics Industry" by Katherine Gehl and Michael Porter for more information.YESYESYES
Do you support improved voting methods like Ranked Choice Voting or even better Approval Voting? See for more information.YESYESYES
Do you support enacting anti-corruption, ethics and conflict of interest laws that apply to federal, state and local executive officials, legislators and judges?YESYESYES
Do you support eliminating the filibuster?NoYESYES