Initiatives that promote our vision, mission and goals

  • An amendment to the U.S. Constitution reenabling governments to regulate campaign contributions and expenditures
    Promote legislation regulating lobbyist contributions and expenditures to avoid the influence of big and dark money and to close the “revolving door” among government, business and lobbyists positions
  • The establishment of open or semi-open primaries*
  • The establishment of a permanent, state independent redistricting commission to remove the legislature from the redistricting process
  • Small-donor public campaign finance programs
  • Disclosure of sufficient information about original donors to campaigns, elected officials and political committees to allow voters to know who support them and to what extent
  • The depoliticization of the appointment process for federal judges
  • Automatic voter registration, same-day voter registration, vote by mail, and other measures that facilitate voting such as more polling places and voter convenience centers and other measures while ensuring election security
  • Instant runoff elections or ranked choice voting*
  • Enact comprehensive laws regulating ethics, conflicts of interest and limitations of power that will hold all elected and appointed officials accountable for their unconstitutional and/or unlawful actions 

* We need to more fully understand the different open primary options before we would have confidence to support one form over another.  While we support the ability of all voters to vote in primary elections, we would like to discourage the use of the ballot as a way to target opposition candidates.

** Some recent literature on instant voting/ranked choice voting suggests that RCV may lead to unintended consequences and skewed results in certain circumstances.   More research needs to be done before we can unequivocally support it.